Capitalize your Descriptors across different products studies and evaluation protocols

Our framework enables to freely define the Regions of Interest and the Evaluation Descriptors particular to your protocol.
Based on the reconstructed model, our framework permits to compute any statistical analysis (average, variance, correlation ...) on scalar and vector fields resulting from the free combination of characterized properties, taking benefits of both 2D material and 3D metric extracted information.
Since all properties conform to the 2D+3D parametrization of the model, your evaluation descriptors are now totally decoupled from the acquisition:
- You can quantify your descriptors over the whole face down to any particular pore of the skin
- You can capitalize and reuse the definition of your regions of interest among different subjects and studies.

Draw an exact comparison of products efficiency in different conditions and among different subjects

More importantly, since the model's properties count for pose, expressions and morphological differences, you can now proceed an exact comparison of your descriptors among different captures, acquired at different times, in different conditions and among different volunteers.

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