Bridge the gap between the quantitative evaluation and the qualitative demonstration of cosmetic products

Based on the analysis and reconstruction of our holistic acquisitions, our models are physically-based and can directly support the rendering of 3D Computer Generated images and video sequences for illustration and communication purposes.

Decompose or aggregate models properties at will

We can provide you with 3D simulations that focus on a particular skin component or aggregate all models properties at once. Since these simulation are based on acquired data, we guaranty the perfect reproduction of the effects of your products, whatever the illumination conditions and whatever the viewpoints.

Simulate different lighting conditions and viewpoints

Freely modify the virtual lighting conditions to perfectly match clinical's valuation, outdoors', retails' or consumers' environment as well as advertising shots.

Simulate the effects of your product in time

Our simulation can seamlessly interpolate between different reconstructed models to demonstrate the effects of your product at different times.

Emulate different skin typologies

Learn from the reconstruction and analysis of group of volunteers to build your skin atlas and emulate products effects on various typologies.

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